m/s J.L. Runeberg combines modern technology and colorful history. m/s J.L. Runeberg (original name s/s Helsingfors Skärgård, or “Helsinki Archipelago”) was built in 1912 and has been used for passenger traffic ever since – for more than 100 years!

Runeberg laivan tilat

The ship’s interior is divided on three floors and four salons. On lower deck is the aft salon for 34 persons, on the middle deck is the Green salon for 12 persons, as well as Dining salon for 22 persons. On the top deck or Sundeck is the Captains salon for 10 persons. The facilities are well suited for relaxed socializing but also, for meetings or group work. There is of course also seats on outer deck.

m/s J.L. Runeberg Captains salon

Captains salon for 10 persons

m/s J.L. Runeberg Green salon

Green salon for 12 persons

m/s J.L. Runeberg Dining salon

Dining salon (Yellow salon) for 22 persons

m/s J.L. Runeberg aft salon

Aft salon for 34 persons

There is a cafe on board where you can buy small salty bites and sweet pastries, and of course our famous Salmon Soup. The cafe is fully licensed so we also serve alcohol.

Runeberg Cafe

Every winter whilst being stored amidst the frozen ice of the Porvoo River, this unique ship is maintained and restored by its enthusiastic owners.

Length 28,8 m
Width 6,65 m
Depth 2,0 m
ISM-certified since 1998 (safety and environment).

Passengers max. 220 persons