Frequently asked

Can I travel only one-way? 
Yes, you can take the ship one-way either from Helsinki to Porvoo or from Porvoo to Helsinki.

Where is Linnanlaituri harbour located?
Linnanlaituri ‘palace pier’ is located close to the Market Square of Helsinki (Kauppatori), in front of the Presidential Palace.

From where does the ship leave in Porvoo?
The ship leaves from Porvoo matkustajasatama ‘tourist harbour’ near the bridge Aleksanterinkadun silta. It is only a short walk from the city center and the old town.

When can I go on board?
You can go on board approx. 30 minutes before departure.

Which day is the most popular cruise day?

Is advance booking necessary?
We do recommend advanced booking if you want to make sure to get on the cruise you want.

Is it possible to book a seat on board?
Sorry, we have no seat reservations on board. We have seats around the ship, some are inside and some are outside on the deck. For groups we book tables in a salon for lunch (always ordered in advance). The salon reservation is valid for 1 hour. When the time is up other passengers may enter the salon, if no other group is having a lunch reservation.

Where do I pick up the ticket?
You need to pick up the ticket from our ticket booth in front of the ship. We recommend that you pick up the ticket approx. 30 minutes before departure.

When does the ticket booth open?
The ticket booth opens 1 hour before every departure.

What payment methods are accepted in the ticket stand?
We accept cash (EURO), VISA, Visa electron, Mastercard, Diners Club, China UnionPay and JCB.

Is there a restaurant on board?
The kitchen on board is rather small so we prefer calling it a cafe instead of a restaurant. In the cafe you can buy salmon soup, small salty bites and sweet pastries. Our cafe on board is fully licensed so we also serve alcohol.

I would like to eat salmon soup on board, do I need to book it in advance?
We appreciate reserving the lunch in advance so the kitchen can prepare enough soup.

How do I reserve lunch for a group?
We have a separate menu for groups which you can order from our customer service. Please choose one course from the menu list. The lunch and drinks are always booked in advance and served in a salon on board. We reserve the salon for 1 hour per group. Allergies and special diets are taken into notice. If the group wants to order more drinks during the meal, please pick them up from the cafe.

Can the ship be chartered?
Yes! For more information, please check on our homepage Charter cruises.

Do you accept bikes on board and is there an extra charge for bikes?
You can bring your bike with you, the bike fee is 5 €.

Do I need to make a reservation for my bike?
We recommend that you make a reservation in advance. We can only take 30 bikes/tour.

Are dogs allowed on board?
Yes, dogs are allowed but they have to stay on the outer deck.

Is there WiFi onboard?
Yes, the ship has Free WiFi. Please ask the crew for the password.